Malaysia Highway R&R Stops to be ‘No Smoking’ zones by end of 2014

All smokers, take note.

All rest and recreation (R&R) stops along the highways in Malaysia are to be designated as "No Smoking Zones” by end of 2014

Highway Rest Area / Next Stop is area where smoking is prohibited

All R&Rs in Malaysia will be free from smoking

This is because that will be the place where people will eat and if smokers smoke there, they will not only out risk on themselves but on the people nearby as well

Garden Landscape
All Buildings Covered
Children's Playground
Prayer / Toilet

“No Smoking Zones” with the coverage expanding to a radius of 3m around the covered areas of the facility. This means that all eateries, toilets and covered walkway at R&Rs would be smoke-free.

Smokers caught smoking in “No Smoking Zones” could be summoned / fined between RM250 and RM500.

Those who failed to pay their compounds would be brought to court and fined a maximum of RM10,000 or face up to two years in jail if found guilty.

However, those who want to smoke can do so at the R&R parking lots.

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