Kip Mart Melaka

Address: Jalan Tun Fatimah 75250 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: +606 336 6233
Fax: +606 334 7654
Business Hours:
10.00am - 10.30pm (Monday – Sunday)

KIP Mart Melaka is located at a very strategic and convenient location of business vicinity in areas of Bachang, Batu Berendam Industrial area in Melaka, Malaysia. It is about one km from Melaka Sentral Bus station, one of the busiest area in Melaka, Melaka International Airport, Melaka Raya (Town).

It is situated along Jalan Tun Fatimah which is links to all major express way such as SPA (Sungai Udang–Paya Rumput– Ayer Keroh), AMJ (Alor Gajah– Melaka Tengah–Jasin), Jalan Ayer Keroh and North-South Highway. It is very assessable from any part of Melaka.

KIP Mart Melaka has a gross area of about 280,000sq ft (26,012sq m) with 180,000 sq ft of rentable area on a single-storey building with partial mezzanine floor.

It consists of a fresh market, about 20% of total floor area, where you can find fresh products such as fish, chicken and beef, vegetables, fruits and other sundried goods such as Yong Tau Foo and santan which you normally find in traditional wet markets.

As Melaka is a tourist town, a “local products” corner will be included in the fresh market area where local specialities such as Cincalok, Gula Melaka and more will be available.

There are many housing and industrial areas nearby such as Taman Malim Jaya, Taman Bertam Perdana, Taman Cheng Mutiara, Batu Berendam Free trade zone, Batu Berendam Industrial Park, Malim Jaya Industrial Park and Cheng Technological Park which form a large catchment pool for commercial activities.

Among the major tenants at the KIP Mart Melaka are Pasaraya Songmart 万松坊批发市场, GSM Department Store, Lionmas and YES Support, both retailers of electrical products, as well as Lea Centre (Footwear and Equipment), Facelook (beauty store), Wanita Anggun (headscarves), Mr. D.I.Y (somekind of chain outlet selling hardware and household items), Old Town White Coffee (Kopitiam chain) and Marrybrown (fast food chain).

Kip Mart Melaka Location Map

Kip Mart Melaka Map

Kip Mart Melaka Street View

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